Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hawken Closed Beta 2

There is another Hawken beta on this weekend.
I've played one round so far and it already feels much better than beta one.
Damage output is more consistent and there are nice HUD improvements.
I have to admit, it now has the usual F2P sniper is OP syndrome though. :(
I'm going to try playing a few more rounds and see how it goes.

1. Game joining has much improved.  I didn't have any trouble hopping into matches and kicking butt.
2. More customization options.
3. There is a more solid feel for getting hits.  The last beta I had trouble telling if I was even damaging anything.
4.  XP, getting experience to improve your mech is always good.

1. Snipers are over powered in maps that have wide open spaces or high verticals.
2. Spawn campers.  Just like in any other game you have the dbags that have to use lame tactics because they aren't any good and want to pad their epeen scores.

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