Thursday, April 4, 2013

Borderlands 2 Binary Loot Mod Update encore

Oh what do we have here.  Yes that is right a double update post today.  I managed to get more stuff done on my last work session than would fit in one posts.  Go me!  Still to busy at work to do any regular updating of anything.

This one is mostly just me doing all the fan layout on the chest.
So here we are three 120 mm fan spaces in the front.
 Bah, the dummy forgot to take any pictures of the back.  Maybe next update.  sigh.

Anyway on to the other thing.  I don't remember if I posted this before but I picked up a 5.25" bay hub for basically everything.  I wanted to have a bunch of external ports and this card reader fit the bill.
After getting it out of the box it looked like my original idea of putting it in the lid and routing the wires down to the motherboard wasn't going to happen. All of the wires are too short to make it much of anywhere.

 You know what that means.  Got to rip it apart.  After testing to make sure it works of course.
 There be the guts!  As you can see most of the wires are just plugged into the board and then siliconed so they don't come out.  I should be able to make extended wires for most of the ports.

 The usb 3.0 I will have to move to an alternate location even if I do mod the wiring.  It's a self contained piece and I don't want to go through the hassle of cutting that apart.

This is the location in front of the power supply that I marked off just in case the lid version didn't work out.

Borderlands 2 Binary Loot Mod Update: Sleeving attempt

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been really busy at work.  Started working on a proof of concept project in addition to all my normal work.  Needless to say super busy and not getting anything else done.

So here we are.  First up is my first attempt at sleeving.  I bought some black, charcoal grey, and colonial blue paracord.
 I'm really happy with the colors and I think they'll look great in the build.  If I can ever manage to do a good job of sleeving with them.  For my first attempt here I tried the heat shrink method.  As you can see from the first wire, I'm certainly not a pro.
So after breaking and repairing 4 - 5 pins on the cable I have one full wire sleeved.  Which is actually a double... trust me that sucked.  In the future I think I'm going to make sure to use the standard instead of just putting the wires back how the manufacturer ran them to skimp out on wires. 
 I'm going to need more practice at this but first cable every sleeved by me.  I need to get some super glue to seal the ends on my sewing job so it's cleaner.  Not a horrible cable but not a great one either.  It's good enough for me though.

 For my next attempt I think I'm going to use the no heat shrink method.  After watching some videos on it no heat shrink looks to be a lot easier.

Lessons learnedMeasure out and cut all your stuff before you even start.  I tried to do one at a time and that is what cause me to have in consistent lengths on my sleeving.