Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bah, fail

Bad news.  Yesterday I get home from work and go to turn on the desktop, it clicks on and then off.  Long story short after a couple hours of troubleshooting.  The old Enermax Liberty has crapped out.  This is only the second power supply that I've ever had fail.  I've been running the girl pretty hard for the past five years.  Guess she finally gave up.  I don't have an extra laying around anywhere so I guess I need to run out and pick one up this morning.
Judging by the way its acting I'd have to guess that a voltage regulator died and its no longer sending a good power signal to the motherboard.  I check the voltage for the pins in the connectors and they are all good for the two seconds the thing turns on for.  Anyway off to find a quick replacement that will cost too much because I need it now.

Update:  Morning power supply run is a fail.  Only one I found didn't have enough power on the 12 volt rail to run my rig.  I'll have to try again at lunch time to find something.

Update 2:  It lives.... It lives!
Found a 600w thermaltake power supply at worstbuy.  I was desperate to get back up and running because lets face it, laptops suck.  Desktop for life!! woo!

um... yeah.  There isn't anything special about it but I'm able to boot again now.  No idea if it has the juice to sustain my normal power load.  I think this is a single 12v rail unit.  I only hooked up the parts I need to have running right now.  I'm not even putting it back together until the replacement using shows up.  Also this thing is a mess.  

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