Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY - Three LCD Stand

Ok, I decided to take the plunge.  I'm going to upgrade from two monitors to three.  My current setup is two Samsung syncmasters.  I have a 22in and a 20in.  Working with two monitors is a big step up.  Recently though I've been feeling like the desktop has been a bit cluttered.  You know what they say you can never have enough screen real estate.  I got the upgrade itch, so this time around I'm going with three 23in monitors.  I just purchased the first new monitor I'll be using.  I got an Asus monitor with a TN panel running at 1920x1080.  I'll be grabbing two more when I see a good sale price on them(I'll get the IPS panel version if they show up for cheap).

The problem with this idea is that the monitor stands end up taking up a fair amount of desk space and don't keep them oriented at the same angles all the time.  I went looking online for a simple three monitor stand and wouldn't you know it most of them are over $200.  That just seemed silly for a piece of metal that holds your screen in the air.  I realize that most of them have crazy articulation and rotation and all that but honestly.  I don't need that so why would I want to spend a bunch of money for features I don't need.  Anywho!

The first place google took me was to this link: Here
I liked the piping idea for a stand but wasn't really happy with the execution.  I don't know about any one else but having to assemble my whole rig and then screw it to the desk doesn't really work well for my setup.  And lets not even go into what you would need to do any time you needed to change something.
The next Internet search stop was with another pipe based stand.  This one has a base plate installed on it so its not mounted to the desk.  Nice upgrade to the idea.  Not into the whole cut your own VESA blocks and then glue them together part but you do what you got to do right.
Followed by another stop at which is another version of pipe screwed to the desk.  

 I saw another setup where they used a tee and two elbows to make a base.  Couldn't refind it add the link though. :(  Anyway, I am going to try using all piping with three flush mount VESA wall plates attached to conduit couplers and see how it goes.  Update soonish. :)

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