Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY - Three LCD Stand continued

The stand has been assembled.  I need to get all the monitors and get them installed and it will be good to go.
I was originally going to make the base out of wood and then use black laminate to match it to my desk but decided to go ahead and just use pipe for the whole thing.  This approach makes it a bit more mobile since the stands footprint is smaller.  My stand is half galvanized and have black steel/iron 1/2" piping.  Lowes was not very well stocked when I did my shopping.  I would have preferred all black steel because its looks gunmetal grey after you wipe it down.  Not a big deal though because you really can't see the top half when its assembled.

Purchase list for my setup.
5 x 10" nipple
2 x 18" extension
2 x 6" nipple
4 x 45° Elbows
2 x caps (optional)
1 x plug (optional)
1 x tee (2 optional)
1 x star (0 optional)
6 x 1/2" conduit couplers/clamps
3 x flush mount VESA wall brackets (usually come with install hardware)
6 x machine screws (I used the screws included with the brackets)
6 x nuts for the screws (bought the size that matched the screws)

I used a star on the top half to enable me to expand to more monitors if I decide to do so in the future (Examples: 1 over 3 or 3 over 3).  I would probably need to extend the legs of the stand though to offset the increased vertical height and weight.  I put caps at the end of the base legs just to make it look a little cleaner.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but I used some Teflon tape at some of the joints.  It just made it a little smoother to put the pipes together.
The center mount has been drilled to allow for room around the star connecting the pipe.  The other two are stock. 

One monitor installed :)

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